Pokémon Special: Sword & Shield
(magazine edition)


Author: Kusaka Hidenori
Artist: Yamamoto Satoshi
Series status: Ongoing
Scan status: Ongoing
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A journey to solve the mystery of the legendary sword and shield! Traveling through the Galar region are Soudo Tsurugi, a descendant of a family of swordsmiths, and Schildemilia Tate, an energetic girl excellent with machines. While working as assistants to Professor Magnolia, who is researching Dynamax, they take on the Gym Challenge, look for Schildemilia's lost Pokémon, and solve Galar's mysteries!

These are non-offical translations based on the magazine release. The volumes have cool art and dialogue updates, so make sure to check those out :)


Chapter 7 (MangaDex)
Chapter 8 (MangaDex)
Chapter 9 (MangaDex)
Chapter 10 (MangaDex)
Chapter 11 (MangaDex)
Chapter 12 (MangaDex)
Chapter 13 (MangaDex)
Chapter 14 (MangaDex)
Chapter 15 (MangaDex)
Chapter 16 (MangaDex)
Chapter 17 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 18 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 19 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 20 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 21 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 22 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 23 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 24 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 25 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 26 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 27 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 28 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 29 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 30 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 31 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 32 (MangaDex) (Cubari)

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