Kirby: Pupupu Hero


Original title: 星のカービィ プププヒーロー
Mangaka: Aoki Kei & Mikamaru
Series status: Complete
Scan status: Ongoing
Purchase (Jpn): Amazon
Purchase (Eng): Not localized
Petition for re-release: Fukkan


Kirby, after showing up in Dreamland, lives with Chilly and gets into many situations. Starts off mainly based on Super Star Ultra with some other games and anime aspects showing up as well, then gets into a story following Magolor and Return to Dreamland.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 (MangaDex)
Chapter 4 (MangaDex)
Chapter 5 (MangaDex)
Chapter 6 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 7 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 8 (MangaDex) (Cubari)
Chapter 14 (MangaDex)
Chapter 36 (magazine) (MangaDex)

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